So much stuff coming up!

Hey there friends, it's been a while since we talked, but there's so much stuff coming up, I think it's time to break the silence! We're pretty excited about the next couple of months, we've got all kinds of stuff to keep away the winter blues.

First up, this Valentine's weekend we'll be playing at Winterfolk a couple of times. Friday night we're on at 10 PM at the Black Swan Tavern, Saturday we're playing a workshop with a bunch of other great folk acts including the one and only HOTCHA! You can check out the full lineup and all the details at 

February is set to be a busy month; on February 27 we'll be playing a Mill Race Festival Showcase at Cafe 13 in Cambridge.   On the next night, we're back at Abe Erb, because we have a blast every time we're there, so come out and have some great beer and also great food, and celebrate Saturday right.

There's still more coming up in March and April, check out our Tour page to find out the where and when of our constantly updating upcoming shows.

While we're at it, you can now contact us over at our shiny new Book Us page to bring the whole band (or duo) to your own events.  

If you haven't seen us before, we just posted a new video of us playing John Henry: See you soon, Dave

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