1. Isn't it Funny

From the recording Don't Bother Me None

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Music and lyrics by Esther Wheaton


I've been thinking, yes I've been thinking
I should do a little drinking with you
There's a funny story I've been meaning to tell you
While we wait to see our dreaming' come true

Isn't it funny? Yes sir
Isn't it silly? Yes ma'am
When we wait to see how crazy
How outlandish, oops-a-daisy
Yes we wait to see how happy life can be

Well I've been waiting, not doing, hesitating
Working jobs to pay the bills but no more
It's a funny story how I got to be here
Waiting around for someone to open the door

I've been planning and I've been scheming
How to quit making hay, and start making reasons
It's a funny story, but I'm tired of in-betweening
Maybe it's time to make my dreaming come true