1. The Salish Sea

From the recording Raisin' Heck

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Music and lyrics by Dave Pike


I was born a steamship stoker, shoveling coal and tending flame
I dreamed of the deep blue ocean, I’d sail upon someday

So I rowed down the Fraser River through the valley to the sea
Mother told me to be careful, but I would not heed her plea

Some day, by the sea
My journey finds an end
In the Fraser River Valley
I’ll be at home again

Signed on to the Mariposa, and she signed on to me
But she sank one cold December in the stormy Salish Sea

Oh my mother don’t forget me, though I drowned so far away
I’ll be waiting for you longing, ‘till we meet again someday

Hear my prayer oh wide blue ocean, I served you many years
Send me back to the Fraser Valley, to dry my mother’s tears