1. Safe Home

From the recording Earthly Trials

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Music and lyrics by Esther Wheaton



I’m gonna hitch a ride on that train
I’ll be the one who’ll keep my head in the game
Though the devil’s in the details
I’ll be riding on those steel rails
And soon we’ll be safe home

Safe home, safe home, soon we'll be safe home

Whatcha lookin’ at there cowboy, where I’ve been and what I’ve done
Would turn your hair to silver, yes the truth would rot your gun
So I’ll whisper you sweet nothings and smile while I lie
In the morning leave you lonely with no word of goodbye

Don’t you walk away or look my gift horse in the mouth
I’ve ridden him all over from the North to the South
I don’t need a single soul to tell me what he’s worth
If you turn me down, I’ll salt the earth

Don’t you take all my hard work for granted
The house I have built and the seeds I have planted
Well it may not look like much, but you’re not one to judge
And soon I’ll be safe home