1. Lady Killer

From the recording Earthly Trials

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Music and lyrics by Jim Tigwell and Kayleigh LeBlanc
Cover of "Lady Killer" by Woot Suit Riot



To get by in this world, you need man, they say

And I’ve got no shortage looking my way

But I’m very particular about my type
Say you want a man’s affections, you know you gotta earn ‘em.
I know the way to his heart is straight through the sternum.
He’s gonna love me the rest of his life.

You’d think that’d stop gentlemen comin’ around,
I’ve been courted by near every man in this town.
One even asked me to be his wife,
Then I took out my second best knife.
I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.
--But you know, I’ve got a reputation.

I need a man who’s got my back,
Or I’ll bury him in the garden in a burlap sack
Right beside the turnips and the peas.
He’ll find his final resting place there
Next to the doctor, and on top of the mayor.
He’ll regret coming by and sayin’ “darlin’, please”.

--I’m not even under investigation

I need a man who’ll tend to my roses,
Or I’ll put a space on his face where his nose is.
A man who won’t spout tired lines at me
One said my eyes were like blue pools of wonder,
We went to the ocean and I held him under
He said that he’d always wanted to visit the sea

--They think I should be flattered by their “Dedication”

I don’t need a man who’s my kind of villain
Just lookin’ for someone I don’t feel like killin’
Who won’t come by my gate to waste my time
If I found a man who was honest and plain,
I’d hesitate before causin’ him pain,
Just speak your mind, we’ll get along just fine