From the recording Earthly Trials

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Music and Lyrics by Dave Pike


The Old Millstone

Been all across this country from East to the West
But I’m never at my home with the one I love the best
I’ve lost count of the days and I’m feeling pretty low
And I’m getting tired of that old bumpy road

My heart is worn my hands are tired
I’ll find my rest when I’ve expired
The day grows long, the sun’s gone down
I think it’s time I left this town

I want to hear my lady’s voice, if I can’t see her face
There’s only one payphone in this whole forsaken place
I’ll call the operator, tell her to put me through
So I can tell my darlin’ I’ll be coming home soon

My guitar’s getting heavy, my back’s getting sore
I’m lonesome and weary, can’t take too much more
I’ve played my fingers right down to the bone
But I’ll write one more song on this old millstone