From the recording Earthly Trials

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Music and lyrics by Dave Pike


The Pickled Sheriff Yodel

The hour was getting late, and the town was closing down
We were getting rowdy drinking, and we had no plans to leave
But the sheriff came a running, said “Get out of my old town”
So we threw him in a barrel and got a brief reprieve

Well the sheriff he got free, and called in some recruits
We could take our wagon now and pay the barman what we owed
Or spend the night in jail wearing dirty striped suits
When they drew their guns, we shot first, then we hit the road


The wagon started rattlin’ like a wheel was coming loose
Racing through the mountains and heading for the coast
We were hootin’ and a hollerin’ and running from the noose
With every other bump we broke another spoke

And the turns were getting tighter and the cops were getting close
The horses breathing heavy were nearing their last mile
We heard the shots a’ringing down the stone walls of the road
And when every bullet hit, we returned it with a smile

The clouds were rolling in and something spooked the mare
We could hardly see the turn before we felt it in our bones
We were barely holding on when the wagon hit the air
We tumbled down the cliffside to the water and the stones