1. No Quarter

From the recording Earthly Trials

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Music and lyrics by Dave Pike


No Quarter

My working man’s hands are scarred and worn
No rest for the wicked, the poor, or the stricken
In this zero sum world no quarter is given
If you can’t find shelter in this storm

I’ve got tools to help me work
I’ve got folks to help me cope
But I’ve got thousands of dollars in debt to repay
And I’m almost out of hope

Got a place to call my home
And we can pay the rent
But the bank owns my back and my home and my debt
And I can’t make a dent

I’ve got holes in my shoes
My clothes are second hand
This dollar’s got to stretch an awful long way
And I feel like half a man

The ends just barely meet
I’ve got credit to get me there
But if my ride breaks down, I’ll be sticking around
I’ll still be going nowhere