1. Solstice

From the recording A Merry Little While

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Lyrics and music by Leanne Swantko


Well I got up
But I should have stayed down
Only darkness was around
Twelve hours of dark, so long and blue
The longest night to get through

I went left but I should have gone right
In the woods on the darkest night
Stumbled once right on the path
This long, long night, it cannot last

This mood, it’s all thick gloom
The longest night since mid June
And the sun has moved away
Its winter now
The darkness stays

When the leaves fall from the trees
I know the sun is far from me
Wasted now I’m almost done
If I die drag me to the sun

From those trees the birds look at me
I am a fool, that’s what they see
Could not sleep worried all night
I awoke it was dusk twilight

Solstices or equinox
I only know, if it’s cold or hot
The sun stopped today
Reversing is here, till the shortest day
At the end of the year