1. Grey Christmas

From the recording A Merry Little While

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Lyrics and music by Kayleigh LeBlanc and Onion Honey


We’re missin’ the red of the holly
The gold of the ribbons and bows
The rainbow of lights on this green Christmas tree
‘cause Christmas is grey this year

This isn’t the carol I planned for
This Christmas is not white or blue
There’s no silver bells singing throw cares away
Or rosy-cheeked carolers here

We already got you a present
Just like we do every year
But the snowman is decked out in bright woolly style
in the hat that was meant for you

Next year we’ll set up the table
Our old traditions made new
Next year we’ll gather the family
But now we’re just trying to get through

Maybe one day we can bear it
One day we’ll be merry and bright
But the black and the white of the stars in the sky
Light up our grey Christmas this year