From the recording Foul Weather Friends


Hellcat Etiquette

Into the fire
Out of the frying pan
No man is an island
But a woman is a marked man
Some of us are drang
And some of us are sturm
Some of us hold tenderly
And some of us hold firm

Know when to pack your bags and when to sign your lease
When to speak up and when to hold your peace
Know when to hold them, know when to fold them
Know when to read the signs and when you’ve gotta burn them

Some of us are joy
And some of us are mirth
Some of us will till the soil
And some will salt the earth
Some of us are judges
Some give the runaround
Some of us pull punches
Some of us double down

Well, when you’re wrong you’re wrong
And when you’re right, you’re right
A caged bird sleeps through the day
But sings so sweet at night
Some of us are proud and
Some a little nervous
Some of us are at your throat
And some are at your service