From the recording Foul Weather Friends


Through the Rogers Pass

In the morning, I’ll be up with the sun,
I’ll be leaving, the damage is done
I’m only going to the next stop west,
work is calling and I can’t rest
But I will see you soon

Thunder roaring through the mountain tops,
train keeps rolling and it never stops
I left my heart with you
I left my heart with you

Going by box car through the Rogers pass, though it’s not far, it’s greener grass
Work is slow now, and the wages are low, I don’t know how, but I’ll find a way home
I hope it’s one day soon

With every season, I can’t get ahead, there’s no reason, to send for you yet
I wrote a letter, though it never sent, it might be better if you didn't see me again
I can’t bring this to you

I hope you’re happy, hope you got a good man, have you forgot me, you know I’d understand
I’ll be waiting, if you find me again, no debating, I know it’s the end
I know that I lost you