1. Vegetable Love

From the recording Foul Weather Friends


Vegetable Love

Bide your time but don’t let go
It’s vaster than empires and ten times as slow
You planted the seeds, though they don’t show
‘Cause vegetable love, it grows

Like peaches in the summertime and apples in the fall
An orchard full of fruit trees that don’t grow real tall
You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs
Though it’s safer to stand on your own two legs

It prickles like a cactus that don’t take no guff
It makes your heart soft and your biscuit dough tough
You can pick a paw paw, they’re good to eat
Ugly as sin but twice as sweet

When flowers start shooting, the leaves turn green
And gardens fill with weeds and sour celery
The summer pays a bounty of berries and corn
It’s pretty as a rose and sharp as a thorn

There’s roots in the cellar and deep under the ground
From the harvest we gathered, the love that we found
Though winter is coming, I know we’ll get through
To bloom in the springtime, it’s the same, it’s made new