From the recording Don't Bother Me None

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Music and lyrics by Esther Wheaton


Don't bother me none
Don't bother me
No matter what you do
Don't bother me

Well what a tacky sunset, what a vulgar moon
Can't bring myself to say goodbye, I'm going to see you soon
The boys they all are dancing, the girls smoking cigars
And if you listen closely you can hear the stars

Well oats and beans and bread and water, you're a son and I'm a daughter
Six foot two with eyes of blue, you're a goon but I'm a goner
Tell you that I love you, ask you if you mind
And when you laugh, you laugh at me, you sparkle and you shine

Oh my darlin' oh my love, sakes alive and stars above
I feel it in my left kneecap, I feel it in my blood
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack don't want to work a lick
Jack be faithful, Jack be true, won't you say you love me too