1. Shoefly Pie

From the recording Don't Bother Me None

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Music and lyrics by Esther Wheaton


Told my mother, "Love that man -
If I can't have him, no one can
If I can't have him, I may die"
She smiled and made me shoefly pie

Shoefly, shoefly, don't know how, don't know why
Shoefly, shoefly, ain't nothin' sweet as shoefly pie

Told my father I must have
A dollar to keep my spirits glad
So I can hold my head up high
Smiled and bought me shoefly pie

Told my lover I would go
If he won't dance that do-si-do
Told that man I'd say goodbye
Laughed and ate my shoefly pie

Told my lover he should fear
If he won't trim that long brown beard
Saw the twinkle in my eye
Laughed and got more shoefly pie